Receive Inbound Calls via Browser

To be able to receive inbound calls through the browser so that remote workers (specially in the Philippines) can just answer live calls without the need for a phone.

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  • Apr 17 2020
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  • Robin Sulaiman commented
    6 Nov, 2021 05:29pm
  • Guest commented
    12 Oct, 2021 12:41am

    Also interested in where this feature is?

  • Chris Austin commented
    8 Sep, 2021 04:32pm

    Any word on this? I was excited to see that it is planned but now that I see how long it is been here, I wonder just how "planned" it actually is.

  • Joe Iribarren commented
    19 Aug, 2021 07:26pm

    BUMP! Our call center is having issues with RingCentral.

    We desperately need this feature.

    Is there an estimate time of completion?

  • Biron Halo commented
    3 Aug, 2021 06:24pm

    This would be gamechanger and avoid the extra investment in company mobile phones so that the calls can be forwarded to cs and sales people, or anyone else in the company for that matter.

  • Guest commented
    16 Jul, 2021 09:13pm

    To add a phone tree would be awesome as well. Meaning, you can have a greeting then press 1 for cs, 2 for sales, etc.

  • Guest commented
    12 Jul, 2021 05:49pm

    We need this ASAP it's going to change the game for our agency and clients!!!

  • Peter Walton commented
    1 Jun, 2021 06:48pm

    It's been over a year and still this feature has not been coded?

  • Andy Morris commented
    29 Apr, 2021 08:44pm

    I am pretty sure this is there? Is it not?

  • Jon Neal commented
    27 Apr, 2021 03:00am

    Any updates here?

  • Sarah Gwaltney commented
    26 Mar, 2021 06:56pm

    "Is there an update on this?" She asks hoping this will be implemented yesterday

  • Isadore Petite commented
    13 Jan, 2021 08:39am

    Chiming in on this.

  • Guest commented
    6 Jan, 2021 10:47pm

    Where are we with this HL?

  • Steve Mannenbach commented
    3 Nov, 2020 11:27pm

    Has this happened yet? Definitely need this...

  • Mike Gomes commented
    15 Oct, 2020 06:08pm

    Also, the ablity to choose to accept them in the App

    Like this! Thanks Guys

    Ps. Screenshots from

  • Mike Gomes commented
    15 Oct, 2020 06:02pm

    Yes Please!

  • Guest commented
    24 Sep, 2020 06:58pm

    please come out with this.

  • Guest commented
    29 Aug, 2020 10:31am

    I would sell at least a part of my body for this feature

  • Samuel Levitz commented
    17 Jul, 2020 03:22pm

    Trying to justify getting rid of my account and only use HL....this addition would make that happen, thanks gang

  • Dustin Bywater commented
    16 Jul, 2020 06:42pm

    Yes!! It is strange that you can do outbound calls via browser but no receive calls in the browser..

    Seems like something is missing...

    If you go through the process of setting up your workstation with a headset to make outbound calls.. why would it make sense to then switch to your cell or office phone for inbound calls?

    Please add inbound to the browser!

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