Receive Inbound Calls via Browser

To be able to receive inbound calls through the browser so that remote workers (specially in the Philippines) can just answer live calls without the need for a phone.

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  • Apr 17 2020
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  • Jeremy Martin commented
    29 Aug 10:31

    I would sell at least a part of my body for this feature

  • Samuel Levitz commented
    17 Jul 15:22

    Trying to justify getting rid of my account and only use HL....this addition would make that happen, thanks gang

  • Dustin Bywater commented
    16 Jul 18:42

    Yes!! It is strange that you can do outbound calls via browser but no receive calls in the browser..

    Seems like something is missing...

    If you go through the process of setting up your workstation with a headset to make outbound calls.. why would it make sense to then switch to your cell or office phone for inbound calls?

    Please add inbound to the browser!

  • Jason Moss commented
    02 May 21:43

    Please GHL. Been asking for this for a while. Ideally, when call comes in maybe a little slide in alert window says who's calling, we can click on that and it takes us to the contact info instantly. I feel like we should also have the option to toggle if we want calls to ring on the computer or cell phone (like user active or away)

  • Bill Broadbent commented
    25 Apr 02:06

    My developer has built this in a previous CRM with Twilio and I'm open to try and help. It's pretty slick.

  • Luke Dreyer commented
    23 Apr 19:47

    Yeeeeeeeees, please! I was unaware this wasn't already a feature and it bit me in the behind with a couple customers.